Our delivery policy

We deliver your purchases for free via the direct mail service of the Israeli post office. You will receive your order via registered mail to the address you filled in your order somewhere between 7 to 14 business days, from the day of your purchase. This is unless noted otherwise in the product details.

If you have ordered a piece of custom-made jewelry, please take into consideration the time it takes to hand-make your item.


Upgrading your delivery / direct delivery

The cost of direct delivery will be 20 Nis. If you purchase in the amount of over 300 Nis, your delivery will be free.

Direct delivery will arrive between 2 to 4 business days, to your home or office as per your choosing. Therefore please be sure you write down the address of your choice while placing your order.


International deliveries

All of our items can be shipped anywhere in the world!
International deliveries will cost 70 Nis.

We will always ship internationally via express mail, which will take anywhere between five to seven business days from the day of your purchase.