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Studio Fichi - my story

Everything begins with the material

My name is Tzofia Galdor Shapira and I'm the owner and creator at studio Fichi. I've always lived and breathed art. I worked as a professional makeup artist, I drew, created, and explored art in all its forms. Since I've always believed (and I still do) in the healing power of art, I had planned to pursue art therapy as my profession. Although this was my original plan, I eventually ended up studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. While there and getting to know the materials, inspiration led to the first pieces of the collection you see here. 


In my final project, where I touched upon my own personal relationship with makeup as a shield, I created the porcelain lips. You will see them reincarnate among the pieces I create in my studio today, as they have become somewhat of my flagship product, representing the brand.


For me, the time and patience it takes to create a piece of jewelry are parallel to emotional therapy. The material is like a mirror to reality, personality, and spirit. 

צופיה סטודיו פיצ'י
DSC_8300 (1).jpg

My collections

Ever since opening the studio and getting to know the material, I find myself drawing inspiration from every aspect of day-to-day life. After having formed an idea, I start work on a new collection, and from time to time I launch special collections for holidays and events. I find beauty in every small thing, and I bring that vision into the pieces I make. 

My creative process

Each one of the pieces I make in the studio is unique and requires a long process of creating, molding, refining, and coloring. Most pieces are hand adorned by me and I put thought into every single line and shade I choose. I continue to learn and evolve, accumulate more knowledge, and derive inspiration from everything. Besides the online store, I also partner with several stores across the country that sell these items. 

41697963_1137416333126160_634302859290083328_o (1).jpg
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My clientele

My heart is here, in studio Fichi, and in the items I make. My way of working creates a very direct bond with my customers, with you. Customer service is important to me as much as the creative process is. I'm glad I have the chance to be here for you. Let me help you with consultations or quandaries, select the perfect gift for someone special, or find the right purchase together. 

I'm happy to have you here. 

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