Hi, My name is Tzofiya and I’m the person behind the “Studio Fitchi” Brand.

So how did it all began?


Before I even knew what exactly I wanted to do when I “grew up” I was fascinated by the art world, and in particular by creating things with my own two hands, which lead me to
ceramics and sculpting with clay. Quickly I found out that clay is a lot more than just another material - it has its’ own soul and presence that allured me to continue working with it more and more. Our love story continued to grow when I chose to begin my official training in the department for ceramic design in the Bezalel academy for the arts. Here I developed my knowledge in different techniques and materials.

Combining two passions


Alongside my physical work with different materials, I worked as a professional makeup artist. This allowed me to be part of different women’s most joyous day. With the understanding that the smallest amounts of color can transform ones’ their special day, not only in the matter of their personal beauty but also in the way they feel and the confidence they project. Combining these two passions of mine, makeup on the one hand and ceramics on the other, lead to my final project in the Bezalel academy. It focused on my relationship with the world of makeup as well as the world of ceramics. Working on this final project, allowed me to manipulate both materials and play around with the durability of one against temporariness of the other. When I understood that this is exactly what I loved to do, the path to founding the studio was short, and Studio Fitchi was established in 2018.

Beauty comes in a variety of shapes and colors


I believe that all you need is a delicate touch of color, uniqueness and thoughtfulness in order to feel brighter and more feminine on even the most ordinary of days. This is the starting point for every piece of jewelry or item that I create in my studio. Each and every piece gets my undivided attention and love, understanding that one small accessory is enough to add plenty of beauty and delicacy. Thus – just like everyone of us, every piece of jewelry is unique and beautiful, and, I’m convinced that the second that one of Studio Fitchi’s pieces will arrive in your home you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

Glad that you guys are here.